Tombo Survivor is a video game developed in Colombia by MagroPlay.
This game originated as a protest against the police abuses that occurred in Colombia in 2020, showing this reality from a different point of view.
In Colombia two policemen murdered a person named Javier Ordoñez:

From the indignation of the people after this event, different demonstrations were held in different parts of the country where the police carried out even more abuses and murders.

Faced with this situation, it was decided to launch Tombo Survivor as a community protest tool towards the Colombian national police.
The video game had a resounding success in the Play Store, exceeding 500,000 downloads in two weeks and receiving criticism of all kinds from the community.

It was in the top 1 of the PlayStore in Colombia during this period.

Screenshot from the Play Store in September 2020

However, the game was unfairly banned from the Play Store, for which it was decided to migrate to the PC platform and launch it on the Steam store.

There was an expansion of the world and an improvement in the game mechanics, giving way to a new version of the game with much higher quality than the first.
In December the official launch of the game was made on Steam where it continues to this day.


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